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Product Description
Basil Rubbed + Ground
Bay Leaves Whole, Broken
Borage Whole + Rubbed
Chervil Rubbed + Ground
Chives Whole + Rubbed
Cilantro Leaves
Dill Tips
Marjoram Rubbed + Ground
Mixed Herbs Recipe to buyer's spec
Oregano Rubbed + Ground
Parsley Cut to buyer's spec
Peppermint Rubbed + Ground
Rosemary Leaves Cut + Ground
Sage Rubbed + Ground
Savory Leaves Whole + Ground
Spearmint Rubbed + Ground
Thyme Rubbed + Ground


Product Description
Aniseed Whole Green
Caraway Seed
Cassia Bark Broken, Kibbled, Ground
Celery Seed
Cloves Whole, Ground
Cinnamon Bark Broken, Kibbled, Ground & Quills
Coriander Seed Whole, Ground
Cumin Seed Whole, Ground
Curry Leaves
Dill Seeds
Fennel Seed Whole, Ground
Fenugreek Seed Whole, Ground
Ginger Kibbled, Ground
Juniper Berries Whole, Crushed, Ground
Kaffir Lime Leaves
Lemon Grass Cut
Nigella Seed
Nutmeg Ground
Paprika Ground Sweet / All ASTA grades 40 to 150
Paprika Hot Smoked
Peppercorns Black, White, Green, Pink, Szechuan, 4 or 5 Peppercorn Mix
Peppers, Speciality Bourbon, Cambodian Red & Vietnamese Red,
Cubeb, Grains of Paradise, Long, Tasmanian Mountain
Pimento Whole, Ground
Star Aniseed Whole, Kibbled, Ground
Sumac Powder
Vanilla Pods


QUALITY & TECHNICAL – We only deal with suppliers who we have audited and who enjoy ISO or BRC Certification. They must demonstrate full batch traceability, stringent quality + documentation controls and a comprehensive HACCP policy. Organoleptic, Microbiological and Chemical analysis is carried out through the entire range and specialist documentation can be provided for specific markets and industry requirements.

HEAT TREATMENT – Most of the above product range is available as "Steam Sterilised" in order to comply with UK's Industry ever increasing demands for low micro loads.

AVAILABILITY - All products and samples are subject to MARKET and SEASONAL availability

Feel free to contact us for any additional information you may require.